Every day, faculty and students are blazing a trail towards success at Lewis University. From the scholarships to a new Supercomputer, supporters of Lewis are helping big ideas become reality through crowdfunding. Visit us online to see what our students are looking to develop next - and make an impact on the future of Lewis! 

If you are a faculty member and interested in learning more, contact us at alumni@lewisu.edu or call (815) 836-5244.

Current Campaigns

Poppy the Robot

The Robotics class at Lewis University is eager to build the "Poppy Robot" (www.poppy-project.org). Poppy is a 32-inch humanoid robot that can walk and see! Poppy will be useful for years at Lewis, ranging from projects in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to computer vision.

Ministry Mission Trips 2018

Over the last 25 years, about 500 students answered God's call to go out, to encounter others, and to offer their time and talents to minister to others. They met people, worked on homes, tutored children, and advocated for justice. They have learned, grown, loved, witnessed faith, found God, practiced simplicity, and lived in community. Support University Ministry at Lewis University as we seek to build our service and justice programs to create these experiences for our students.

Joseph Tomsic Endowed Scholarship

To honor Joseph Tomsic for his life of dedicated teaching, Lewis University will create an endowed scholarship to award in his name for information systems and information security students.


Lewis University has long recognized that a quality education includes both classroom and co-curricular opportunities. Intramurals are one of those outstanding opportunities with a rich history starting in the 1960's. Though much has changed over time, one thing remains the same. Intramurals provide healthy competition for student participants. Intramurals have always offered students the chance to get involved on campus, stay active, try new sports, connect with peers, and build lasting friendships that withstand time.

Successful Campaigns

Rob Delaney Endowed Scholarship

Aviation created the Rob Delaney Endowed Scholarship for Aviation at Lewis University in memory of a beloved student, alumnus, teacher, aviator and friend, Rob Delaney.

75 Donors raised $12,953!


Supercomputer 2017 - Lewis University

The Lewis Supercomputer will be housed in the new Paul and Kathleen Kaiser Computational Science Laboratory. Twelve years ago, Dr. Paul Kaiser assembled a supercomputer from five donated desktop machines.

108 Donors raised $24,780.73!


Dr. Keleher Student Research Group - Lewis University

Please help us send our hard-working, research students to a professional conference in Fargo.  If we are able to raise $5,000, we will be able to completely cover the conference and travel expenses for all of our student presenters!!

50 donors raised $4,450!


College of Nursing Community Outreach

The College of Nursing at Lewis University purchases & provide supplies for screenings and health fairs in the community.

26 Donors raised $1,091!