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University Advancement Staff Directory

Please contact one of the following University Advancement staff members if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Office of the Vice President

 Luigi Amendola '01
 Vice President for University
 (815) 836-5875

Staff Directory

 Colleen Ahearn
 Executive Director for   Alumni Engagement 
 (815) 836-5475

 Marge Cashman

 Marge Cashman
 Coordinator, Scholarships   & Alumni Engagement
 (815) 836-5760

 Mary Cronin
 Manager of UA Services
 (815) 836-5812


 Tina Crowther
 Donor Database   Coordinator
 (815) 836-5966


 Jennifer Doherty
 Director of Corporate and   Foundation Relations
 (815) 836-5038


 Tegan Donahue
Development Coordinator   For Corporate Relations
 (815) 836-5794

Brianne Dougherty

 Brianne Dougherty '15,   MA '17
 Assistant Director of Advancement Communications
 (815) 588-7543


 Joseph Falese '78, '84
 Senior Development
 (815) 836-5265

Mario Garcia

 Mario Garcia '18
Graduate Assistant
 (815) 836-5608


 Brandon Hoeft, JD,
 Executive Director of


Rachel Ziarko 2

 Aindrea Hogan
Assistant Director of Alumni   Engagement 
 (815) 588-7542

 Kylie Link, MBA '19
 Development Coordinator
 (815) 836-5244


 Bridget Morrey
 Assistant Director of 
 Alumni Engagement
 (815) 588-7544


 Javonda Pelman
 Senior Development   Officer
 (815) 588-7541


Amanda Ramsey 

 Amanda Ramsey
Graduate Assistant
 (815) 836-6012


 Dennisa Walker, MA '14
Director of Engagement
 (815) 836-5882

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