Please help us acknowledge our remarkable Lasallian educators by participating in The Gratitude Project at Lewis University.

We are asking alumni to make their annual gift in honor of a faculty or staff member who made a difference in their lives. Every gift includes the opportunity to write a personal thank you note that will be sent to whomever you honor and may also be shared publicly on the Lewis Alumni Webpage. The goal of The Gratitude Project is to honor our exemplary educators and to raise support to strengthen and continue our Lasallian mission for years to come!

Watch the Gratitude Project videos! Be sure to stop back, as new videos will continue to be added.

Watch our featured video, Amy Schellekens, '07, Honoring Dr. James Houlihan, in addition to many more!



For more information please contact Kathryn Risor-Heise, Director of Annual Giving, at (815) 836-5471 or

Lewis University was founded on the principles of Saint John Baptiste de La Salle, who recognized that teaching is a sacred mission and that an exceptional education should be available to anyone who wishes to learn. Today our faculty and staff are living examples of the Lasallian Mission. Lewis is committed to maintaining a low student to faculty ratio, which allows our educators to get to know our students and to see each student as an individual. We encourage messages to current as well as former faculty members. Unless noted, we will share your message on the Lewis Alumni Webpage and forward your note to the individual faculty or staff member whenever possible.

Change The Life Of A Student And Shape The Future Of Lewis

The Lewis University experience doesn’t just educate students, it transforms their lives through practical, values-based learning from educators who care about each student and who mentor as well as teach.  

Students emerge from their Lewis experience to face future challenges in positive ways that impact both self and society. Your gift to Lewis supports this mission and truly changes lives. Please help secure a bright future for current students and generations to come by making a gift today. All data collected is safe and secure. Or, find out about other ways to give.

Why Alumni Giving Matters

Every gift helps the University raise money

Corporations and foundations base their awards more on alumni participation than on total dollars raised. Every alumni gift – including yours – has a multiplier effect.

Every gift supports the University’s national ranking

Publications such as U.S. News & World Report consider alumni participation when ranking colleges and universities. Every alumni gift – including yours – advances the reputation of Lewis and the value of a Lewis degree.

Participation is the common thread

By showing through your annual fund gift that Lewis matters to your, you make Lewis matter to others.  Every alumni gift – including yours – is a vote of confidence for your alma mater!

Every gift makes a difference! Click here to hear from our students!

Tax Advantages

A cash gift entitles you to the most generous federal income tax charitable deduction up to 50 percent of adjusted gross income. If all deductible gifts in that year exceed the 50-percent limit, the excess amount may be carried over as a deduction for up to five years. Make a gift today.

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