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The Sancta Alberta Chapel and University Ministry are the spiritual heart of Lewis.  Whether you or a loved one have worshipped with us at a Sunday liturgy, participated in a Koinonia retreat, served on a mission program, or ventured on a Social Justice Pilgrimage, we hope you have been touched in the process and still draw faith, inspiration, and insight from your experience with Lewis Ministry.  Therefore, we are asking you to consider a gift to support this essential part of the Lewis mission.

We NEED your help to purchase 250 new Gather hymnals for the Chapel.  For a gift of $25, we will purchase a new hymnal, and you can dedicate it with a personalized bookplate (see below) which will be placed on the inside back cover.  Bookplates can be created in honor of students, alumni, parents, faculty, organizations, or loved ones.  We can also dedicate a book from your family as a whole.  We are happy to customize the bookplate to meet your wishes.

Please choose the number of hymnals below that you'd like to donate and choose "Add Gift." Then, if you'd like to make an additional gift, please choose the "other" option, type in your additional gift amount, change the designation to "Additional Gift to Ministry," and click "Add Gift." Both should then show up on the form.

Our hope is to raise these funds before Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017.  Of course, we will happily accept gifts until all 250 hymnals are dedicated. Any additional gifts or gifts above $25 are most welcome and will be directed to support student participation on missions, pilgrimages, and retreats.  

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Dennisa Walker at or (815) 836-5882.

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