Cookies With Santa

 Cookies With Santa

December 8, 2013

Thank you for attending this year's Cookies with Santa event! Over 250 participants visited with Santa, sharing their hopes and wishes for a merry Christmas. As a special surprise for your children, be sure to visit the alumni YouTube channel for a video of Santa's reindeer on the softball field! Join us on Facebook to learn more about upcoming events.

Honor your favorite faculty and staff this holiday season through the Gratitude Project. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Thousands of alumni and friends have gathered over the past year at many different events including Homecoming, Signum Fidei, Varsity Club Golf Outing, and regional gatherings.

All of our gatherings have one thing in common: Flyers like you! Be sure and contact the Alumni Relations Office if you have an idea for an event in your area, or to update your contact information to ensure that you'll receive notification if Lewis is organizing a gathering in your area. Browse the full alumni & friends calendar with detailed descriptions for each event, including times, locations, and RSVP information.