What is an Alumni Representative?
Alumni who are interested in advancing the mission of Lewis through volunteerism, donations, and networking. 
What is the benefit to the University?
Alumni Representatives are critical to Lewis, because we can call upon and depend on them when volunteer opportunities arise, or when feedback, alumni representation or financial support is needed.  
What is the benefit to me as an alumnus?
As an Alumni Representative, you will have an opportunity to expand your network both professionally and personally by becoming a champion for Lewis and connecting with other alumni.
How many meetings and what is the commitment?
There are no formal meetings for this group. We will gather once a year at Alumni Day and may schedule small social gatherings, in-person or virtually. Each representative will give of their time, talent, and treasure in a way that works for them. We just ask that you get involved in something. 
How much do I have to donate to be an Alumni Representative? 
Each Alumni Representative should begin with the intention to become a President’s Circle member. We understand that not all alumni are in a time in their life to give at this level. Alumni Reps who are more than 15 years out will be expected to give at PC or higher! Alumni Reps 10-15 years out should strive for Dean’s Circle or higher. And younger Alumni Reps should commit to an annual gift at any amount. It is your intentional philanthropic investment coupled with your volunteerism that separates Alumni Reps from other alumni.
What volunteer opportunities do you have? 
There are many opportunities that come up throughout the year including: classroom speakers, mentor programs, host a student at your work, host an intern or micro internship, help with move-in day, letter writing to potential students, recruiting students and much more. We will send you regular updates as volunteer opportunities arise!  
How often will I receive communication?
You will receive updates at least once each quarter.
Will my name be posted anywhere? 
Yes. On our website and in our annual magazine. We like to showcase our Alumni Representatives - names, job titles, and graduation years. This allows us to expand our network and allows you to expand yours!!