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What do YOU care about at Lewis?

As a Flyer, you have the opportunity to play an important role in the journey of Lewis students, just as others played a role in yours. We ask you to join us in our Alumni Who Care Campaign. Tell us your story, support your favorite aspect of Lewis, and join other alumni who care by making a gift to ensure students have the same experience you did.

You answered us with WHY YOU CARE

Hear directly from alumni on why they support Lewis and its students.

  • "The professors always went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals." - Jessica K.
  • "It gave me the educational foundation to succeed in my career path." - Anonymous
  • "Lewis University played a crucial role in my life." - Anthony L.
  • "Lewis believed in me." - Ivan C.
  • "I'm grateful for the kind and supportive community." - Christine S.
  • "The teachers are committed to helping students reach their goals." - Mary H.
  • "The faculty was great. The school cared. They had strong American-Catholic values." - Mark J.
  • "Lewis started me on my career." - Anonymous
  • "Lewis has given me wonderful memories and friends." - Sharon H.
  • "LU helped further my career and professional goals." - Tatiana M.
  • "LU fulfills a good need for a Catholic education and career opportunities." - Thomas M.
  • "I attended Lewis and eventually taught in the College of Education for six years." - Anonymous
  • "I love the lifelong contact with alumni." - Gregory R.
  • "Lewis offers day and night classes, making it easier to obtain my degree." - Roger C.
  • "Your alumni care." - William M.
  • "I received a 4-year scholarship and employment from Lewis." - Anonymous
  • "Lewis helped to further my degree in aviation." - Frank C. 
  • "Lewis, in particular the Philip Lynch Theatre, helped shape me into the man I am today." - Michael F.
  • "Coach Gordie Gillespie changed my life." - Harry M.
  • "I care because of the students." - James S.
  • "Lewis was one of my great life experiences." - Michael S.
  • "LU made a huge impact on my life and opened doors of opportunity for me." - Monica G.
  • "Lewis helped in many ways." - Katelynn P.
  • "Great institution! Great teaching facilities and faculty!" - Anonymous
  • "I care about Lewis so others will receive a wonderful education as I and my family have." - Helene W. 
  • "I care because of the opportunities I was afforded." - Jacob G.
  • "Lewis is a Catholic Lasallian university with great educational opportunities." - Mary C.
  • "Lewis provides excellent education and dedicated educators." - Cynthia L.
  • "I was on the 1st women's basketball team and second graduating class of nursing." - Denise M.
  • "I care because of the teachers and coaches." - John L.
  • "I had great instructors that provided insight." - Michael C.
  • "I was happy with the education I received at Lewis." - Nicholas W.
  • "Lewis helped me complete my bachelor's degree. - Roy C.
  • "Just a great school, awesome theatre and cute socks!" - Patrick D.
  • "I received a great education at Lewis! - Mary N.
  • "Lewis is and always has been an important part of our family." - Nicholas B.
  • "I really enjoyed the school, staff, and times there." - Dean P.
  • "Lewis was very good to me as an employee and as a student." - Anonymous
  • "Great education and wonderful facility." - Anonymous
  • "To someone who is willing to put in the work, you will never regret getting your degree." - Kenneth M.
  • "Great stepping stone to graduate school!" - Anonymous
  • "Great school!" - Diane M.
  • "I received a wonderful education!" - Mary Anne B.