Alumni Spotlights: 1970s

Alumni Profile: Loretta Lacy '77

After retiring from a long and fulfilling career as a teacher, Loretta Lacy ‘77 and her husband Larry now spend their summers traveling and touring as entertainers.

Alumni Profile: Michael Alexander '72

As one of a small number of African American males in a class of about 500 students at Lewis University in the 1970s, Michael Alexander ’72 drew on his skills and experiences from Lewis to become a transformative leader throughout his career.

Alumni Profile: Dave Ochs '73

Dave, once a sportswriter who covered nine Olympics, awoke one day to participate in his normal early morning workout, just like he had every other day.  As he spoke with his wife afterwards, he was suddenly unable to recall where he was employed or who was serving as President. 

Alumni Profile: Rich Hlava '75

A perpetual learner, Rich Hlava ’75 has been a devoted and hardworking leader in Corporate America for more than 40 years. Drawing from all of his personal and professional experiences, Rich has served the past four years as Chief Operating Officer for the Pampered Chef.

Alumni Feature: Katherine Heniff '76

As Lewis University’s College of Nursing celebrates its 40th anniversary of its first graduating class, Katherine Heniff ’76, a student among the class of 25 students, is celebrating 40 years as a nurse. In total, she has 28 years of Obstetrical Nursing experience and 12 years of Out-Patient Surgical Nursing experience under her belt.


Alumni Profile: John Caponera 


John Caponera '79 (Communications/ Theater) is an actor and comedian who has starred on his own network TV show and has a very successful career as a stand-up comic. A native of Chicago's south side, John is best known for his impersonation of legendary Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray.


Alumni Profile: George Mahoney 

George F. Mahoney III (Political Science, ’71) was recently elected as the President of the Illinois Bar Foundation. George is the founding member of Mahoney, Silverman & Cross, LLC, a firm focusing on zoning and land development, government and municipal law, litigation and appellate practice.


Alumni Profile: Rick McCallum 

You’ve probably seen Rick McCallum ’77 on your television or movie screen without knowing you were looking at a Lewis alumnus. Even if you knew him, you may not recognize him thanks to the transformation he undergoes to play his roles. As a stuntman, he is often made to look like someone else.


Alumni Profile: Cherilyn Murer 


Cherilyn Murer (Criminal Social Justice) ’75 was recently featured in Today’s Chicago Woman, where she was described as “straightforward, sharp, vibrant and vocal” in the field of healthcare management. 


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