Alumni Spotlights: 2010s 

Alumni Profile: Christina Cicero '10

Christina’s surgery forced her to miss a great deal of her junior year of high school as well as her ACT prep. It was this surgery, however, that inspired her to become a nurse. She had an amazing experience in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where the nurses were there for her around the clock for weeks. Her experience with how great the nurses were with the children and their focus on family-centered care cemented for Christina the path she wanted to take – though her path wouldn’t be easy.


Alumni Profile: Laura Fox '16

Laura works as a Marketing Associate for PMA Financial Network, where she began as an intern the day after graduation. There, she manages the social media pages, creates content for the staff newsletter and all marketing handouts, manages quarterly report book compilation for clients, and assists with event planning.

Alumni Profile: Kathleen Giblin '15 '16

From a very young age, Kathleen was mesmerized by the concept of air travel. Her parents had given her multiple opportunities to travel as a young girl, and in her mid-teens, she realized that the aviation industry was where she was destined to be. 

Future Alumni Profile:
Lyela Mutisya '17

In 2014, Lyela traveled back to Kenya to visit her family after not being home for 14 years. While there, she learned about how poorly her father was compensated, along with other coffee farmers, for all of their hard work. Lyela made a promise to her father that she would find a way, no matter how difficult, to help get his coffee to the United States. And her idea involves big plans for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Alumni Profile: Emily Lif '14

After working for a library for several years and observing the different groups, clubs, and activities that are held there, Emily Lif ’14, decided to start one of her own – a Creative Writing Group for teens and young adults.


Alumni Profile: Pat Wilder '13

Pat is a dedicated entrepreneur with strengths in several areas, Patrick Wilder ’13 has gone above and beyond to show his passion for helping others grow professionally and become successful.

Future Alumni Profile: Michael Pikuza '17

Most seniors in college dread the “What are your plans for after graduation?” question. For Michael Pikuza, a student studying International Relations at Lewis University, it was quite clear to him that he was called to make a difference in the world. After submitting an early application and months of waiting patiently, Michael will be the first student to join the Peace Corps directly after graduating from Lewis.


Alumni Profile: Luke Kramarz '14

Most college graduates celebrate with their friends and family after the ceremony, but Luke Kramarz ’14 and his fiancé Elaine (Belen) Kramarz ’14 married just two hours after graduation. Luke currently serves as an Infantry Officer for the U.S. Army in Kosovo, as part of the NATO peace-keeping mission.

Alumni Profile: Madilyn Wiley '10

Madilyn Wiley ’10 and Michael Dieter ’08 are both teachers striving to adapt to the ever-changing lifestyle of an educator, in order to leave a standing impact in the communities they serve. They are determined to positively change the lives of their students inside the classroom and beyond.

Alumni Profile: Chris Hueg '11, '16

Christopher Hueg ’11 ’16 has recently been named the first ever campus minister at St. Mary Immaculate Parish. Having found a meaningful career in education and his true calling in life, he has big plans to inspire and empower children of all ages, both personally and spiritually.

Alumni Profile: Cierra Falbo '16

With a childhood full of late night dance practices and national competitions, Cierra Falbo ’16 made it her goal in life to provide young children with a place to learn new skills, have fun, and grow as individuals. In 2014, she became the owner of Cierra’s School of Dance – a place to educate and empower young dancers. By instilling confidence in young men and women, Cierra knows their potential will only grow.

Alumni Profile: Jason Stubler '13 and William Barrett '13

Jason and William currently work together as dedicated Sergeants for the Naperville Police Department, but began working together long before.  Working diligently, the two Lewis alumni graduated from Lewis in 2013, and finally reached their goal of being promoted to sergeant shortly afterwards.

Alumni Profile:  Rachael Tracey ’14, MBA ’16

When Rachael was in the third grade, she went with her father to “Bring Your Kid to Work Day.” Fascinated by the controllers working planes in some of the busiest airspace in the world, she knew at that moment this is what she wanted to do when she got older.

Alumni Profile: Erin Richards '15

After graduating from Lewis University, Erin Richards ’15 began working as a volunteer with the New York Intern Program with the goal of truly making a difference in the world.  Erin’s unique and inspiring volunteer experiences through University Ministry at Lewis made the decision to do post-graduate volunteer work particularly easy. 

Alumni Profile: Robert Peterson '15

With a background immersed in music, it’s not surprising that the career of Rob Peterson ’15 would soon mirror his passion.  A young and aspiring artist who has provided sound reinforcement for popular events such as the Chicago Triathlon and Chicago Rock N’ Roll Marathon, Peterson lives a life full of music. 

Alumni Profile: Alyssa Harms '16

Young alumna Alyssa Harms ‘16 is using her degree to help others and truly make a difference in the world around her. Inspired from a very young age to work in the legal field, Alyssa was taught by both of her parents to be independent, persistent, and truth-seeking. After witnessing a loved one involved in an abusive relationship as a child, Alyssa’s desire to help women and children in domestic violence situations grew stronger. 

Alumni Profile: Kristle Lowell '12

As a young and dedicated gymnast, Kristle Lowel
l ’12 has worked hard toward a successful trampoline career. Kristle, born and raised in Orland Park, Illinois, is an American double mini trampolinist known all over the world. After 20 years of competing, she has recently won the National Championships in Providence, Rhode Island.  This tremendous victory has landed her a spot on Team USA.

Alumni Profile: Brittani Alston '15

Always having a passion for music and an entrepreneurial spirit, Brittani Alston ’15 sought to share her exciting ideas with young women everywhere after graduating from Lewis University. She has recently been named Miss Black Wisconsin USA 2016 because of her inspiring story. 

Alumni Profile: Theresa Marten '15

Theresa Marten ’15 continuously seeks opportunities to live out the Catholic and Lasallian Mission of Lewis University by serving the communities around her.The day after graduation, she moved into the Nativity House in Lockport, Ill. to begin working as a full-time intern. The Nativity House is rooted in the tradition of the Catholic Worker Movement which was started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.

Alumni Profile: Samantha Rinehart '14

A driven and devoted student, Samantha Rinehart ’14 has recently become a Ph.D. candidate in the chemistry program at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Specializing in polymer science, Samantha teamed up with a group that utilizes several different techniques to investigate the behaviors and properties of polymeric materials. 

Alumni Profile: Lasallian Volunteers Abby Michels '15 and Tidiany (TJ) Diarra '15

On a personal journey to find their true calling in the world, Abby Michels ’15 and Tidiany Diarra ’15 made the decision to serve as Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) after graduating from Lewis University. The Lasallian Volunteer program is a professional development and vocational opportunity for graduates who are interested in living out the Lasallian mission.  Volunteers choose to dedicate one or two years of their life to give back and live in community alongside De La Salle Christian Brothers and other volunteers.

Alumni Profile: Audrey Heiberger '14

Audrey Heiberger, ’14, was awarded an Art Talent scholarship while earning her degree in Computer Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. Her artwork has been published in Lewis University’s Jet Fuel Review and in Windows Fine Arts Magazine.  With such recognized creativity and vision, it’s no surprise that Audrey transitioned directly into the professional design world after graduation. Currently, she works in the marketing department at Scranton Gillette Communications.

Alumni Profile: Bridget Folliard '12

After graduating from Lewis with a Bachelor of Art degree in Radio/TV Broadcasting, Bridget Folliard ’12 has continued to make great strides in her professional career. As the Social Media and Digital Content Specialist for the Public, Practice, and Scientific Affairs department of the American Academy of Periodontology, she began working on a consumer awareness campaign called “Love the Gums You’re With,” among several other responsibilities. 

Alumni Profile: Kevin Davenport '11

Kevin Davenport ’11 has dedicated his career to empowering and educating youth in underprivileged communities around the Chicagoland area.

Alumni Profile: Michael Bolling '12

From Brennan Field to MLB Fan Cave,Michael Bolling was named one of the Cave Dwellers. While the Guerin College Prep High School freshman basketball team worked on their homework, their coach, Michael Bolling was surfing the Internet and checking social media. It was a stroke of luck that he saw the link for the MLB Fan Cave Dwellers application on Facebook.

Alumni Profile: Katie Poetz '10

After graduating in 2010 from Lewis University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Katie Poetz continued to pursue her goal of becoming a research professor at a university, or a researcher at a pharmaceutical company. Now a resident of Potsdam, NY, she is a fourth year graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in the research lab of Professor Devon Shipp at Clarkson University.

Alumni Profile: The Pratl Family

Don and Lauren Pratl, a father-daughter alumni duo, give back to Lewis University in many ways.

Alumni Profile: Jayme (Doyle) Squires '14

While Jayme (Doyle) Squires ’14 may have gone through seven changes of her major during her time at Lewis University – ultimately choosing Graphic Design – she has begun a career path from the one area of study she worried she wouldn’t be able to pursue after graduation: music.  


Alumni Profile: Gwendolyn Young, MS '13

Now, more than ever, young women need safe places and inspiring mentors to help them grow and thrive. Lewis alumna Gwendolyn L. Young, MS ’13, is working to provide assistance to these young women as Executive Director of the Seed of Hope Foundation.

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