Audrey Heiberger

Audrey Heiberger, ’14, was awarded an Art Talent scholarship while earning her degree in Computer Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. Her artwork has been published in Lewis University’s Jet Fuel Review and in Windows Fine Arts Magazine.  With such recognized creativity and vision, it’s no surprise that Audrey transitioned directly into the professional design world after graduation. Currently, she works in the marketing department at Scranton Gillette Communications.

“I have a sense of personal accomplishment when I see my work used for promotion in making business deals. I like the ability to collaborate and share ideas with others and build those ideas when working on a project.”

Now that she has a full-time position in the field she studied, Audrey’s goal is to give back to the school that helped her make it through and graduate in four years. In addition to the talent scholarship, she received academic and private donor scholarships. “My time at Lewis inspired me to give back because donors helped me.” She started with the Senior Challenge in 2014 by making a gift of $20.14. Audrey has consistently given ever since.  “I give what I can." She encourages students and alumni to make a gift, no matter the amount. "It all adds up and makes a big impact for the University."  

Not only does Audrey contribute monetarily, she volunteers her time and talent to Lewis’ student-run literary magazine, Jet Fuel Review, as Layout Editor, Cover Designer, and Assistant Art & Design Editor.

This dedication and appreciation to Lewis reflects the positive experience Audrey had as a student. “I tried different activities, clubs and organizations. I learned to prioritize and handle my workload on The Flyer and as a student worker in the Marketing department.” She also established solid connections and acknowledges that they played a role in her success. “Jim Cowan was my mentor and guided me. And I would like to thank Dr. Muench for introducing me to the publishing world. Also Leslie Colonna, Mark Swain, and Paul Mitchell, who all had an influence on my education.”

When Audrey gets downtime from her career and volunteer work, she makes her own stationery. “What attracts me to it is getting away from the computer and using my hands to create with different mediums like paper, paint and pens.” She admits she could envision turning this passion into a livelihood, but until then it is her personal outlet. “It’s something I like to do for myself.”  Even when she is doing something for herself, others get to enjoy her work. 


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