Brittani Alston

Always having a passion for music and an entrepreneurial spirit, Brittani Alston ’15 sought to share her exciting ideas with young women everywhere after graduating from Lewis University. She has recently been named Miss Black Wisconsin USA 2016 because of her inspiring story.  

Brittani was born in Wisconsin and attended Lewis University to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Music Merchandising. She is currently enrolled at Columbia College Chicago to pursue a master’s degree in Arts Management and is the Social Media Manager at Brass Bell Music Store in Milwaukee.

Her involvement in Student Government, Delta Sigma Theta, Symphony Orchestra, Koinonia Core Team, Gospel Choir and many other organizations allowed her to really expand her horizon. “I had an amazing experience at Lewis, gaining life-long friendships, developing my leadership skills and exploring my professional interests,” says Brittani.

In her everyday work, Brittani makes real world connections to the lectures given by her thought-provoking and passionate professors such as Dr. McFerron, Dr. Sisk, Dr. Allen, Mr. Bergman, Dr. Bacon, Mr. Burke, etc.

“Brittani was always present and well prepared for class,” says Chair and Professor of the Music Department Dr. Lawrence Sisk. “I was always amazed to find out about all of the other things Brittani was doing on campus; her interests extended far beyond her major. Of course, we all wish her every success in her career. Given her diversity of interests and gifts, that might be in a number of fields of endeavor.”

As her Year of Service as Miss Black Wisconsin USA 2016 kicks off, Brittani wishes to promote the arts in general, art activism and entrepreneurship-all which resonate close to her heart. “If more people embrace the power of art in our lives, I believe we would have a more peaceful society,” Brittani comments. “Art can be used as a universal platform to transform societal issues or at least spread knowledge about those issues.”

Inspired by her experience in the Christian Business & Professional Alliance Debutante Cotillion her senior year of high school and her involvement in Koinonia with Lewis University Ministry, Brittani realized what she was called to do.

“I want to offer an experience, similar to mine, to young women and help them discover themselves in God,” says Brittani. “Of course by incorporating the arts, I want to foster an environment for creativity and self-exploration for young women.”

Brittani, being the young entrepreneur she is, wishes to start her own organization in Wisconsin. “My goal is to teach them how to harness leadership skills, become confident in their goals and aspirations and pursue them without the fear or doubt of gender inequality, racial inequality or professional incompetence,” she adds.

This business idea played a huge role in why she pursued the Miss Black Wisconsin USA title. “I knew as I worked with game changing, influential and compassionate women, I would gain a better understanding of helping young women who look up to me,” Brittani says.

Looking back, her biggest piece of advice for anyone is to pursue as many opportunities as possible that present themselves. “My most valued experiences have come from opportunities that I would never have even considered months before it happening,” adds Brittani.

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