Jayme (Doyle) Squires '14

While Jayme (Doyle) Squires ’14 may have gone through seven changes of her major during her time at Lewis University – ultimately choosing Graphic Design – she has begun a career path from the one area of study she worried she wouldn’t be able to pursue after graduation: music.  

“Today, I work for Actors, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC) talent company, a non-profit ministry that represents talent in film, fashion, theater and music. I’m a coach and mentor for singers and songwriters, and I travel throughout America and Canada scouting for talent,” says Jayme.  

One doesn’t have to look much further than Jayme for musical talent, however, as the aspiring singer and songwriter is making a name for herself in the industry.  

“I have written for a few different publishing companies and artists, including Conexion, Disney, and Universal Records. It’s a long process to find out if your song has been chosen or included on an album, and right now I’m just waiting to find out.”

In addition, Jayme has held onto quite a few songs that are special to her – too special to sell to another artist or company. She was contacted by a small independent record label that wanted to do a project with her which resulted in the recent debut of her first album.

“It was a lot of fun to put the album together,” says Jayme. “I love to sing and perform but I’m a homebody as well. In my job I may travel a lot, but I always come back to home base. I enjoyed getting to be the singer in the booth this time. The experience making the album was hard work, but I loved every minute of it. My niece Natalie loves it and thinks Taylor Swift and I are best friends because she can hear both of us on iTunes.”

Jayme did create an EP – or extended play, a musical recording with more than a single but less than a full album – during her freshman year at Lewis. With help from Lewis faculty Mike Progress, Dr. Mike McFerron, and Mark Swain, Jayme was able to find a major and excel in her education while maintaining a full-time job. She was even able to complete an internship at SOS Children’s Villages where she taught students how to record and write music, one of her favorite opportunities during her time in college.

“I’ve been singing my whole life,” says Jayme. “I started to take piano lessons and got my first guitar around second grade. As soon as I had an instrument in my hand, I started making songs up. I wasn’t the best student because I liked to do my own thing, but I had a great teacher who provided lessons that were both creative and classically based. I’ve loved music for my entire life.”

Now, Jayme is seeing more opportunities for her music than she ever thought possible.

“I’ve been asked to perform at various places. I’m going to Nashville in September for a performance and will go to New York this year, too. I love song writing and giving back,” she says. And while the future looks exciting, Jayme is just enjoying each day of the journey. “I’m excited to see where my own music will take me, but I’m really content with where I’m at and am grateful for the opportunity to see how it all will continue to grow.”

For more information on Jayme or to listen to her music, visit www.JaymeSquires.com. 

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