Phil Bomrad

While gaining exposure to the various disciplines of business in his diverse sales, marketing and management roles after receiving his undergraduate degree from Illinois State University, Phil Bomrad ‘00 made the decision to join Lewis’ MBA Program. He stayed busy for the next few years, working hard during the day and studying even harder at night. 

May 2016: EY announces Albireo Energy CEO Phil Bomrad is named an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 finalist

After graduating from Lewis University with his Master of Business Administration, Phil continued on to acquire several different positions as manager, director, and CEO at different energy and technology companies. In 2013, he defined a business strategy and raised capital from a private equity firm to establish a national energy and smart building service company by acquiring companies across a wide span of geographical locations in the United States. Phil became the CEO of Albireo Energy in 2014, where he currently provides overall direction in delivering commercial building owners with energy services and smart building solutions to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and improve safety, all while increasing tenant comfort. 

“Our company makes solutions for big hospitals, universities, and other sophisticated buildings,” Phil says. “We think of ways for them to use less energy and improve safety in their work environment, which ultimately increases productivity for the entire organization.”

Phil is excited about the opportunity to create something better one step at a time. “The work that my team and I do every day increases stability for hundreds of employees,” Phil says with a smile. “I have helped to provide these individuals with a livelihood, because they are now stable enough to comfortably provide for their families.” Additionally, he has added dozens of jobs nationally in the last two years.

Phil is grateful for the knowledge and experiences that were provided to him at Lewis. He fondly remembers finding all the class material intriguing and highly applicable, as he was in a managerial position while in his courses. It was an entirely different educational experience for him. He was able to find richness amongst the material that most undergraduates find a little dry, because he was able to apply what he was learning in the classroom to his work outside of it. “My degree from Lewis helped increase my confidence,” Phil recalls. “I had the stamp of having an MBA – the degree itself and the exposure to various disciplines of the business world.”

As a former Flyer, Phil has soared to incredible heights as a veteran executive in energy efficiency. He would offer the same advice that he has followed throughout his professional journey: “Do not be a passenger. Opportunities do not always knock at your door; you have to seek out the opportunities that allow you to become a well-rounded person.”

June 2016

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