August Deuser

August DeuserEducation has always been a priority for alumnus August Deuser ’98 and wife, Cynthia ’87. August, a retired special education teacher, holds a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Lewis. Over the past 22 years he has taught at various high schools and junior high schools throughout the state.

August attributes his success to the education he received at Lewis University and the University of Illinois, as well as a solid support system at home.

“Lewis provided a comfortable environment to learn and that along with a strong family foundation is what made me successful,” says August.

He has tried to emulate the professors he found to be exceptional, such as Dr. Laura Sloan, in his own classroom. “Working in special education, you have to be able to adapt and at times be spontaneous; and I was able to do that because I could actually apply the material I learned at Lewis to the real world,” explains August.

August and Cynthia consider themselves to be a Lewis family. Cynthia holds a degree in nursing from Lewis; their eldest son, August ’10, holds a degree in English; and their youngest son also studied Athletic Training at the University. August encouraged both of his sons to attend Lewis because, he says, the people care and they want you to become your best.

Although he has since retired from teaching, August has not lost his passion for education. He was a member of the Illinois Education Associate and the American Federation of Teachers Local 604. 

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