Brandon Dagans

Brandon Dagans (`09) recently finished up his first professional basketball season in Portugal as the leading scorer for the Portugal League where he made both the Portuguese First Team All League and All-Star Team. Dagans is currently a free agent and exploring options for his 2011 European season.

After his senior year 19.4 points per game average at Lewis University, Dagans was drafted into the Portugal league. “The transition from college to professional basketball was about establishing myself as a standout player,” said Dagans.  Besides being top scorer in the league and named to the all-star team, Dagans was named as a Guard Of The Year. 

“I wanted to make a solid transition into the professional league and be fully focused on my career. Lewis prepared me to be a hard worker and showed me how to go after my goals,” Dagans explains. “You really have to enjoy what you do from intense practices, spending hours at the gym, preparing for the game and focusing on every little detail during the game.  It all comes together at some point and being a student athlete prepared me for the journey. I think I made a to-do list every single day in college to keep on track and I find myself still making that daily list to keep focused.”

Dagans became a Lewis Flyer because of the tremendous coaching staff and the commitment they demonstrated during the recruiting process. “I fell in love with Lewis the first day I visited the campus. I had many other offers on the table but the campus environment and dedicated coaching staff really sealed the deal.” said Dagans. “Brandon is one of the better players I’ve had the opportunity to coach and a good person that Lewis can be proud of,” said Scott Trost, Lewis Men’s Basketball Coach.

Dagans recently visited the Lewis Campus for a basketball game and viewed it from the new Varsity Club Suite. “The new suite looks amazing. Watching the game as an alumnus from the suite was a new feeling. The locker room updates make me feel like the team is being spoiled. Dan Schumacher, the Lewis University Athletic Director, is doing a great job,” explains Dagans. “One of my greatest highlights as a Flyer was my team’s appearance in the NCAA tournament. I will also never forget my first slam dunk that happened to be on Senior night, it was a great way to go out.”

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