Heather Warthen 

Heather Warthen ('03) was recently named Editor of the Year for non-daily publications by the Illinois Press     Association. Warthen currently serves as managing editor for 22nd Century Media, a media publishing group based in Orland Park,for nine years.

She is currently Chief Events Officer for 22nd Century Media and is president of the Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce for 2015. “Lewis University has changed a lot since I graduated in 2003. I remember when North Hall was the residence hall you wanted to live and now there are three new residence halls and a 24 hour coffee shop!  

The coffee shop would have been very helpful back then,” Warthen said. “As a commuter student I was on campus all the time. I often joked that I must have been the best known commuter student,” jokes Warthen. “You have to get involved and find something you like.” Warthen was a large part of the Lewis Flyer Student Newspaper that won numerous awards from the Illinois College Press Association and ACP Best of the Midwest competitions. “Lewis gave me the opportunity to get my journalist feet wet and try new things. Winning the Editor of the Year award for non-daily publications came as a surprise.”

Warthen often visits the Lewis University Romeoville campus to help judge the IHSA Journalism Sectional Competition and also provide numerous journalism internships and career advice to Lewis students. Several internships at The Orland Park Prairie have been given to Lewis University Students.

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