Mark Knutson

Have you ever wondered how to stream live video to a mobile device? Lewis alumnus, Mark Knutson ’01 of Digital One Internet Services in Orland Park, has been developing new and exciting technology that can have you streaming online in less than fifteen minutes. Mark is the Vice President of Internet Technology for ClickStreamTV and has been developing and streamlining this process for the past ten years.

“At Lewis I had all the tools at my finger tips to do what really interested me. When I had my radio show at Lewis our FM signal would reach about a 15 mile radius, but now with WLRA streaming online we have a worldwide audience. John Kilpatrick and John Carey run a top-notch broadcasting program; they have real-world experience in their fields and bring it into the classroom every day,” explains Mark. Mark usually comes back to Lewis once a year to speak to Dr. Enyia’s Corporate Communications class. “Dr. Enyia provides useful instruction on managing people, marketing your services, and understanding how people utilize communications, whether it's in a traditional medium like radio, or in a new emerging medium like video blogging.”

ClickStreamTV is the main product at Digital One Internet Services and makes it possible to stream on demand and live video to any OS, browser or mobile device. A user can sign up and begin streaming live video within a few minutes of registering. “Users no longer have to have an extensive knowledge of streaming or even their own I.T. staff; they can register at 3 a.m. and be streaming online and monetizing their content within minutes,” explains Mark.

Mark started at Digital One Internet Services as an intern and was soon hired on as the company’s first employee. “I was the first employee; now we have about 12 full time employees. I oversee the programming staff which creates and maintains all of our software,” explains Mark. “I majored in Radio / TV Broadcasting at Lewis and was on the air within a few weeks with my own show during my Freshman year. I quickly became interested in Internet programming after teaching myself how to build a website to promote my radio show.”

ClickStreamTV recently broadcasted the May 2011 Lewis University Commencement Ceremonies online and for the first time provided an opportunity to watch the ceremony live online from any computer in the world. “Lewis was one of the first universities to jump on board and use our services. We work with schools, local governments, churches, entertainers – really a wide range of businesses and organizations,” explains Mark. ClickStreamTV’s target market is small to midsized businesses, and partners with several Content Delivery Network providers from Chicagoland to China.

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