Laura Fox '16

Laura works as a Marketing Associate for PMA Financial Network, where she began as an intern the day after graduation. There, she manages the social media pages, creates content for the staff newsletter and all marketing handouts, manages quarterly report book compilation for clients, and assists with event planning.

PMA Financial Network has been a leading provider of financial services for decades. She enjoys the ever changing atmosphere while serving their clients in school districts and other public entities. “Some days are more challenging than others and I like that it keeps me on my toes,” says Laura.

Finance was never a topic that particularly interested Laura before, but she has been given the opportunity to learn and grow a lot with PMA Financial Network.

“This company is always moving forward, so to see the constant growth is both exciting and affirming,” she adds.

Laura is grateful for the time she has spent at Lewis. Her professors, supervisors, and peers have provided her with the confidence to take her first steps into the professional world and the necessary knowledge and skills in order to propel her career.

“When I came to Lewis, it felt like home and I knew it was where I was supposed to be,” says Laura with a smile. “I still had a lot to do in terms of finding myself, though.”

Having been afraid at first, Laura quickly found her place within the Communication Department, at The Flyer, and with SPCE (School for Professional and Continuing Education.)  Laura graduated from Lewis with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations/Advertising. She was heavily involved on campus as the News Editor-in-Chief for the Flyer newspaper. While attending school, she worked for the School for Professional and Continuing Education on campus and interned with the USHL Chicago Steel hockey team.

“My four years at Lewis helped me to learn what I wanted out of life and how to achieve it,” Laura says. “Lewis taught me that no dream is too big and contributed to my confidence in my ability to achieve them.”

Laura was inspired by her friends to work harder as a student and feels as though she became a better writer, leader, and individual from her experiences at Lewis. Her professors and supervisors guided her onto the right professional path which brought her one step closer to achieving her dreams.

In her spare time, Laura really enjoys working on her blog, The Fashionable Fox. This fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog focuses on keeping up with today’s trends and not breaking the bank. On top of that, she writes guest blogs for Goodwill and owns booth space in Wilmington where she has a pop-up fashion boutique.

She hopes to one day own her own business with her blog and boutique. “I do not know where I will end up, but I do know that I will always bring the best version of myself into my work.”

March 2017


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