Emily Lif '14

After working for a library for several years and observing the different groups, clubs, and activities that are held there, Emily Lif ’14, decided to start one of her own – a Creative Writing Group for teens and young adults.

Emily has drawn from her lessons and experiences at Lewis University to help teens and young adults in the local community. She started as a Circulation Page at the Lockport branch of the White Oak Library District, putting away books and organizing the shelves. Last summer, she was promoted to Circulation Clerk, a position in which she assists patrons at the front desk of the library. 

“I decided to take advantage of this great platform and run a writing group for patrons,” says Emily.

This is a club for writers to share their work with other writers like themselves and learn different forms of writing aid and tips. This group meets every month and is open to the public and free of charge with no registration necessary.

“My goal is to offer a comfortable environment for people who write, whether they have been writing for a long time or are new to the game,” she adds.  

Emily hopes this group will encourage members of the community to view the library as a place for more than just studying or borrowing books. “We have so many programs and clubs already, so I am hoping that running this new group will open the door to even more people,” says Emily.

Emily graduated from Lewis with a bachelor’s degree in Creative and Professional Writing. During her time on campus, she was involved with the Philip Lynch Theatre and was an editor for Jet Fuel Review.

“I met people, had experiences, and created things that have shaped me into whom I am today and who I am still in the process of becoming,” Emily says.

Inspired by Dr. Jackie White and Dr. Simone Muench, Emily finds herself calling upon several of the exercises she used in their creative writing classes for inspiration in her new writing group. “These two professors are two of the most brilliant people I have ever met,” says Emily. “I am forever grateful for the help they gave me and the lessons they provided during my time at Lewis.”

Emily hopes that this group will continue as a monthly meeting and evolve into a writing discussion group where members can discuss pieces they wrote and share tips and tricks among one another.

“My goal is to reach a point where I do not have to lead the group, but where we can work together and move forward as one group,” Emily says confidently.  

January 2017


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