Paul Salmon ’94, MBA ’97

Paul Salmon ‘94, MBA ’97 has recently been hired as the Eastern Regional Sales Director for Wheaton World Wide Moving | Bekins Van Lines.

Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. is among the world’s leading providers of transportation services and is the fourth largest van line, owning three household goods relocation brands: Wheaton World Wide Moving, Bekins Van Lines and Clark & Reid. In his role, Paul oversees the growth of sales for all Wheaton and Bekins agents in the Eastern region. He acts as a liaison between agents and the van line, advising agents on sales and marketing strategies.

In the moving industry for more than 20 years, Paul worked as the Eastern Regional Sales Director for Bekins for a short time before leaving in 2000 to explore other career options. Lured back into the moving industry, Paul most recently acted as the Director of Business Development at E.E. Ward Moving & Storage for a North American Van Lines’ agent.

“Every day presents a new challenge, which is what drew me back into this industry,” says Paul. “I get the chance to help these individuals and their businesses build and develop with every business decision I help them make.”

He loves to journey with the agents he works with as they go from Point A to Point B in their professional excursion. “It is so rewarding to see them grow and reach new levels of success,” Paul adds.

Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Lewis University where he went on to receive his MBA. He believes that the experiences, courses and professors he had during his time at Lewis helped him get ready for the real world. “Lewis helped me prepare myself to conquer bigger challenges after graduation.”

Former Professor/Chair of Business Administration Dr. Eveann Lovero stuck out in Paul’s mind as “one of the most instrumental professors in the business administration program.”

“The way she taught the capstone class and broke things down into a practical method for students to understand and apply to their own businesses was phenomenal,” Paul adds.

Paul also remembers Professor of Finance Robert Atra to be a “very bright mind and incredibly smart professor.”

Currently residing in Atlanta, Paul loves to play golf and listen to music in his free time. He is also a very strong youth volunteer, dedicating his time to coaching underprivileged adolescents through resume preparation, interview training and other professional development exercises.

Paul would offer the following piece of advice: Learn material as to how you would want to apply it. Find ways to relate it to something in your life and make it real.

August 2016

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