Robert Peterson '15

With a background immersed in music, it’s not surprising that the career of Rob Peterson ’15 would soon mirror his passion.  A young and aspiring artist who has provided sound reinforcement for popular events such as the Chicago Triathlon and Chicago Rock N’ Roll Marathon, Peterson lives a life full of music. 

Recently added to the United Audio Productions team as a Lead Audio Engineer, Rob manages the sound at several venues in the area such as Tailgaters Sports Bar and Grill in Bolingbrook and Q Bar in Glendale Heights.

“Now, I set up live sound applications for various acts and make adjustments during their performances as needed,” he says. “My career has taken a dramatic turn and a good one at that.”

This new position comes after successes at Sound Decision Productions based out of Milwaukee, where he assisted with sound reinforcement for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

In his current role, Rob assists various groups of artists to put on a show from start to finish. “I am able to put my knowledge and skills to action during these concerts in order to help them achieve the sound they want, and provide an enjoyable experience for the audience.”

Very passionate about his profession, Rob has always kept busy organizing events, performing and running live sound. He previously interned at SOS Children’s Village where he taught foster children music. Today, he has serves as the Stage Manager at Chicago’s Rock N’ Roll Marathon – which he has done for the past four years – and as the Monitor Mix Engineer for Local H, a 90’s rock band.

Peterson is also an aspiring artist, serving as the lead singer of an alternative rock band called One Year Reign. “I love getting up on stage and playing; it is so exhilarating,” says Rob with a smile.

Inspired by his father, a talented guitarist, Rob sat in the basement for hours at a time as a young boy practicing on his own acoustic guitar. He and his father even built their own recording studio together called Riptide Records, located in New Lenox.

“My dad was my role model as I pursued my music career; he was always supportive and stood by my side through everything,” Rob says.

Completing his undergraduate degree in Music Merchandising with a minor in Music Technology and Marketing, Peterson accredits Lewis’ Professor of Music Dr. Mike McFerron for his interest in music technology and achievements thus far.

“Dr. McFerron pushed my abilities to the limits and never settled for less,” Rob says. "He was a great professor and friend, without whom, I don’t believe I would have taken this career path.”

He was involved with Chamber Choir, University Choir, Percussion Ensemble, and Harmonic Uprising during his time on campus. “After graduating from Lewis, I had to narrow down what I wanted to do with my career,” Rob continues. “I decided on music technology and began to pursue positions in that field.”

On top of his successful work with music, Rob is also employed as a Certified Walmart Pharmacy Technician. In hopes to get into real estate in the near future, he is also studying to become a home inspector.

Growing up listening to diverse bands such as Backstreet Boys (And no, he is not afraid to admit that), Green Day and Metallica, Rob has loved music from a very young age and wishes to keep it an integral part of his life in the future. “Whatever you decide to do in life, be passionate about it. You only get one life, so do what you love!” says Rob.


August 2016

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