Jason Stubler '13 and William Barrett '13

Jason Stubler '13 and William Barrett '13 currently work together as dedicated Sergeants for the Naperville Police Department, but began working together long before.

After working as a patrol officer in Naperville since 2004, and taking a specialty assignment as the training officer in the Professional Development and Training section, Bill was promoted to Sergeant in 2014. In this role, he has been reassigned to the Patrol Division on the night shift, responsible for supervising a group of officers in one of the patrol zones of the city. Previously, Jason worked as a Telecommunicator for the Peru Police Department and a Deputy Sherriff at the DuPage County Sherriff’s Office. He began as a patrol officer for the Naperville Police Department in 2004, holding a specialty assignment as a traffic officer, and was recently promoted to Sergeant in 2016.

While working closely at the officer rank, Jason and Bill decided to enroll in the Master of Arts Organizational Leadership program together at Lewis University in 2011. “We set a goal together to enter into the promotional process and be promoted to sergeant,” says Bill.

Working diligently, the two Lewis alumni graduated from Lewis in 2013, and finally reached their goal of being promoted to sergeant shortly afterwards. “Going through a master’s program together definitely strengthened our bond both as friends as well as colleagues,” Bill adds.

Happy to now work alongside Bill as sergeant, Jason says that they “communicate daily, bouncing ideas off of each other and brainstorming how to bring the department to new levels.”

Always looking for ways to improve, Bill says that he and Jason are “currently discussing implementing a training resource for newly promoted sergeants, which is an area that we both feel we could help provide a smoother transition for those to be hired next.”

Before Lewis, Bill obtained his undergraduate degree in sociology from North Central College. Jason obtained an associate’s degree in Engineering Technology, Construction at Morrison Institute of Technology and then went onto Bradley University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.

With his construction management education, Jason realized he wanted to do more than sit at a desk all day for work; he wanted to help people and make a real difference. “I think working as a law enforcement professional is one of the noblest professions,” says Jason.

Jason is a very accomplished professional with several awards such as the Citizens Appreciate Public Safety (CAPS) Award in 2009 and 2015, the Police of the Year Award in 2011, and the George Pradel Award for Public Safety in 2009. He also enjoys being part of the Bagpipes & Drums of the Emerald Society for the Chicago Police Department.

Bill, inspired by his father who served our country in Viet Nam, feels that “police work is a calling.” He did not join the military like his father, but has chosen to serve our country and the citizens of Naperville through his career choice. “Having the opportunity to serve my community and make a positive impact on the day to day life of those who need assistance is by far the most rewarding part of my career,” says Bill with a smile.

In Bill’s spare time, he likes to spend time with his beautiful wife, two year old son and two month old daughter. He likes to stay active and enjoys cooking, particularly outdoor barbecuing.

Their motivation to advance the Naperville Police Department stems from their courses, experiences, and professors at Lewis. Jason believes that Assistant Professor in the Organizational Leadership program Dr. Lesley Page has played a huge role in their professional success. According to him, Dr. Page, a huge advocate for continuous improvement, always provided students with opportunities that fuel development. They have taken those ideas and tried to incorporate them into their everyday work as sergeants.   

Bill is grateful for the foundation of his leadership development that Lewis provided him with. “It was great that I found a program through Lewis that helped me achieve both personal and professional success while obtaining a degree very applicable to my career.”

These two Lewis alumni, working hard both on the job and at home, offer the following piece of advice: “Set goals for yourself and chip away at them slowly. Do not ignore opportunities to pick up new hobbies, spend time with family and friends, and most importantly, enjoy life.”

August 2016

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